Shufly and Scott Smith - The S.S.S. Collection Cover

Scott Smith & Shufly – The S.S.S. Collection


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The S.S.S. Collection is a compilation of (S)hufly and singer/songwriter (S)cott (S)mith writings and recordings containing 50 tracks over 7 discs spanning 15 years of music (1997-2012). Shufly Favorites, Different Recordings, Never-Released Tracks, Brand New Songs… you’ll find them all here. Enjoy!

CD #1 includes the early recordings of 4 Shufly tracks when the band went by the name “Cousin Bluebone.”

CD #2 (Shufly Gold) – containing 10 tracks plus an additional 3 ghost tracks – and CD #3 (Shufly Black) – containing 5 tracks – are the 2 CD’s they gained notoriety from. Track #3 on Shufly Black – “Missing” which singer/songwriter Scott Smith wrote about his son – was featured in CBS Primetime Show “Cane” in Season 1, Episode 7.

CD #4 has 7 Shufly favorites recorded reel-to-reel by Sean “Birdman” Gould.

CD #5 contains 9 never-released & Shufly reunion songs, 6 produced by Tom Dowd.

CD #6 has 8 songs from Scott’s solo career and the album “Hydrate You.”

And the last 4 songs – on CD #7 – are from his last EP, “Love Is On The Line” with 2 tracks being acoustic¬†recordings of “Love Is On The Line” and “Hallelujah.”

***SHUFLY – lyrics and music by Scott Smith; music by Mike Sharpe.

Band Members – Scott Smith, Mike Sharpe, Matt Coogan, Mandy Rua, Mario W Palacios, Paul Votteler.

***SCOTT SMITH SOLO SONGS – lyrics and music by Scott Smith.
Song “Right Here” – lyrics and arrangement by Scott Smith; music by Diego Larranaga.